• Easy-to-use website
  • Never runs out of stock on OSRS & RS gold
  • Has tons of payment modes
  • You can buy without registering


  • Testimonies can easily be botched
  • Poorest rating in Trustpilot

The Search for the Best OSRS Gold Site | RS Malls Review

There are many marketplaces that deem themselves the best OSRS gold site, but are those claims really true? Many have aimed for such a lofty goal only to sputter up and fail at the end of the day. But can the same thing be said about RS Malls?

RS Malls is widely recognized by buyers as a great site to get some OSRS and RS03 gold since their focal point is all things RuneScape. From the usual gold down to OSRS jewelry, RS Malls is literally a mall full of everything related to both Modern and Old School RuneScape! So, should this site be considered as one of the top 5 best websites to buy OSRS/RuneScape gold? Join us as we delve into the pros and cons of dealing with RS Malls and more in this in-depth RS Malls Review.

Is RS Malls the best OSRS gold site for cheap thrills?

Possibly. RS Malls has one of the best rates for OSRS gold to date. Their offers are always priced at competitive rates, since RS Malls updates them consistently in real-time to guarantee buyers the best prices possible. They give out discount offers seasonally as well if you buy in bulk. Take note, there are no individual sellers to be found here, as RS Malls themselves will be doing all the work to ensure you get the best experience when buying OSRS and/or RS gold. RS Malls has been selling all sorts of RuneScape essentials for more than 10 years—and it shows. Hopefully, our RSMalls review can show you that their website is one of the easiest marketplaces to gain access to. Their FAQ is top-notch—as they have all the answers to your questions. If by chance, you need extra help, you can always turn to their online live chat.

RSMalls - Hotsale

Sales like these happen every now and then in RS Malls. From 100M to 1500M, you’re able to buy gold at a discounted price. Note that these deals change accordingly.

The process of OSRS buying gold in RS Mall is one of the most hassle-free ones that we’ve seen today. So hassle-free, in fact, that you don’t even need to register at all to buy or avail of their other services! However, creating an account is recommended as it will speed up the process even more. Once you’re a member, you can see the details of your transactions, such as your order history and current order tracking as well. RS Malls also has twelve different payment options, leaving you with no excuse if you want to buy your fill of OSRS gold. RS Malls is a dedicated RuneScape-only marketplace that can be considered one of the best at selling OSRS and RS gold.

Besides being perhaps the best OSRS gold site, what else does RS Malls Offer?

RSMalls - OSRS Deadman

RS Malls has a plethora of options for OSRS and RS players alike. They even have gold available for OSRS Deadman players!

If you’re looking for more than OSRS/RS gold, then RS Malls has got you covered. Besides gold, they also sell OSRS jewelry and fire capes for players to don. You can also find Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3 accounts that you can buy—all of which are personally trained by their staff. The prices for these accounts vary. Thankfully, they have a whole selection of accounts that you can choose from, so it’s not like all of their listings are filled with only expensive ones.

RS Malls also sells power leveling and questing services for those who are having a hard time trying to complete certain quests or tasks. Whether it’s to level up your Woodcutting or finishing the Fremennik Exiles, RS Malls has almost everything that you can think of in terms of the variety of services. Their rates aren’t bad either. Again, there are no sellers to be found for these two additional services. RS Malls will be the one to handle everything. While this lets them monopolize the prizes of their goods, this assures you that you won’t be getting scammed in exchange.

Is RS Malls a legit website?

RSMalls is indeed a legit website, and it’s one of the reasons we sought to do an RSMalls review. It can be your instant go-to for any RuneScape needs, and the fact that they’re dedicated to just RS and OSRS means they are a bonafide authority when it comes to pricing and stock availability.

Is RSMalls Safe and Secure?

Being a direct seller of RS and OSRS gold adds credibility to them as being safe—you won’t have to worry about delays or any erratic activity with different sellers. However, that also means the service quality you get from them is across the board; meaning, one experience is representative of all experiences, so take our advice and try them out first to get an idea on whether or not they’re the best OSRS gold site for you.

The Cons of RS Malls

Of course, no site is perfect. While RS Malls indeed has its pros, it does have its own set of cons. In fact, it has one of the poorest ratings in TrustPilot (a premier review site). It should be pointed out, though, that RS Malls has very few reviews, so the somewhat lukewarm rating can’t be taken at face value.


We’d advise you to tread with care and browse our other reviews to get more insights on other RS trading sites! That way, you can have a point of comparison, so you can find the best OSRS gold site for you.

We hope you enjoyed this review! Leave your comments and rate RS Malls.

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    xxperience was meh. not bad. not good. just meh. doesn’t matter though. just needed to fill up my stash. im off 2 gielinor *wink wink*

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    legit and has discounts w/c is good but the site is hella hard to navigate and has one of the worse layouts

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