Making that Gold Bracelet: An OSRS Jewelry Guide

Small things go a long, long way. So you must do small stat boosts. That’s why jewels are important in OSRS. To get them, you can either buy them from others, or better yet, make them yourself. Then you either equip them or sell them, especially that ever-lucrative gold bracelet OSRS, for gold. Whatever your reason may be, here’s a jewelry guide for old school runescape to help you craft them for yourself. 

How to make gold bracelet Jewelry in OSRS style?

The skill necessary for creating jewelry is Crafting. It’s both responsible for making the mold and cutting the gems. So if you have plans of earning gold out of Jewelry, it’d be best that you start grinding now. You can even make Jewelry right off the bat to grind Crafting so that you can have a more seamless leveling process.

Now let’s go to the various properties of Jewelry. There are four moulds: 

Next would be the kind of metal they’re made of, which is either silver or gold.

Last, but definitely not least, are the gemstones they’re adorned with: opal, jade, red topaz, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, onyx, and zenyte. The gemstone in a piece of Jewelry, such as OSRS gold ring and gold necklace, can be changed. 

The order of gems according to value and the Crafting level required to cut them are as follows.

  • Opal – level 1
  • Jade – level 13
  • Red topaz – level 16
  • Sapphire – level 20
  • Emerald – level 27
  • Ruby – level 34
  • Diamond – level 43
  • Dragonstone – level 55
  • Onyx – level 67
  • Zenyte – level 89

Zenyte Jewelry can get you around 1.6 million gold in profit per piece, so it’s very much worth getting to that level.

Aside from those mentioned, there are also other kinds of gems: the eternal gem and the enchanted gem. Both are important gems for Slayers. More about these two gems later on.

Between the two metals, silver can only be adorned with opal, jade, and topaz. Also, on a somewhat related note, silver can also be made into tiaras, which in turn can be made into talismans. Lastly, it should go without saying that silver is cheaper than gold, so your profit of margin is going to be lower with it. On the other hand, you can already start making silver Jewelry at lower Crafting levels. It’s not the best way to earn gold amulet OSRS and the like, but it’s a good way to farm while at the same time grinding Crafting levels. 

How to efficiently gather Jewelry materials?

There are two ways of obtaining the necessary materials for Jewelry. The first is through skilling, and the other is by buying it from the Grand Exchange. If you’re grinding for other skills, short on OSRS gold, or don’t mind the time, patience and effort required, then skilling is definitely for you. Do note, however, that this will involve both Mining and Smithing. You can read this detailed guide about OSRS Gold Mining.

These are the items necessary for Jewelry that are obtainable by mining, as well as the levels required for you to get them:


  • Silver ore – level 20
  • Gold ore – level 40

Silver and gold ores are then refined by Smithing into bars. The same levels required in Mining to get these ores are the same levels required in Smithing to turn them into bars.

As for gems, they are randomly found in rocks. The chances of finding them are at 1/256, but it gets reduced to 1/86 by wearing a charged amulet of glory. The exception for this are zenyte gems, which is made by combining a cut onyx with a zenyte shard at the wall of flame while wearing a zombie monkey greegree. You’ll find the flame underneath the Temple of Marimbo on Ape Atoll. The zenyte shard is dropped by tortured and demonic gorillas in the Crash Site Cavern.

Aside from zenyte gems, there’s also the enchanted or eternal gem, which are used to make Slayer rings.  These rings allow you to teleport, but the former only has eight charges while the latter is unlimited, as the name of the gem suggests.

Unlike other gems, enchanted and eternal gems can only be obtained as slayers. The former can be bought from slayer masters for 1 coin, while the latter is obtained by killing high-level layer targets. For those monsters to come out, a player must first accumulate 150 points from slayer masters. Also, these gems cannot be removed from the ring once they’re put in, and the rings disappear upon death.

How to enchant that Gold Bracelet OSRS?

On top of crafting Jewelry, you can also enchant them afterwards. It goes without saying that these spells are under the Magic skill.  There are various levels of enchantment.  The higher the enchantment level, the more gems it can enchant, but the higher the Magic level is required to unlock it. You can find more details on this Wiki for OSRS Gold Bracelet

Here are the Enchantment levels, the magic levels required to unlock it, and the gems each level can enchant.

  • Level 1 – Magic Level 7; Sapphire and Opal
  • Level 2 – Magic Level 27; Emerald and Jade
  • Level 3 – Magic Level 49; Ruby and Topaz
  • Level 4 – Magic Level 57; Diamond
  • Level 5 – Magic Level 68; Dragonstone
  • Level 6 – Magic Level 87; Onyx
  • Level 7 – Magic Level 93; Zenyte

If you have the patience to learn Magic as well, then you’ll be earning even more money, as enchanted Jewelry fetch a higher price!

It’s definitely not easy to pursue crafting Jewelry in OSRS, but it’s definitely worthy endeavor. So don’t be discouraged– make that gold bracelet OSRS and go beyond. You’ll get rich with it, trust us!