OSRS GE Tracker Guide

OSRS GE Tracker

GE Tracker a.k.a Grand Exchange Tracker is the most advanced Filliping and money making tool in OSRS. It has quite indepth indexes such as market index, food index, rune index to name a few. The graphs, charts and real time prices gives you an ability to view your most profitable items and can Flip items as you want.

Flip all you want with the OSRS GE Tracker!

Looking to free up your inventory? Got something that looks cool, but you can’t or simply won’t use it? Or maybe you just want to gain OSRS gold for better equipment or want to complete a collection of something. At any rate, gold is something everybody needs! One of the best ways to get gold is to flip items on the Grand Exchange. To do that, you’ll need the help of an OSRS GE Tracker.

What is ‘Flipping’ Anyway?

In the simplest terms, flipping is the act of buying items for the sole purpose of selling them later for a profit. On the surface, that may seem like an easy thing to do. However, it involves more than just buying and selling willy-nilly! That will likely result in wasted time and gold. Here’s a video that explains flipping for beginners.

It needs research and prediction. Which items are likely to be affected by an update? When will supply for it exceed the demand? Why is this one piece of equipment in high demand? Fortunately, there is a tool that will help you with all these questions!

What is an OSRS GE Tracker?

OSRS GE Tracker Guide

The GE Tracker tracks the comings and goings of items on the Grand Exchange. It notes how many of an item is sold and bought, their coinciding prices, and other important information. There are even charts to keep track of how an item’s price fluctuates! It tells you all you need to know for your flipping needs, which we’ll explain in the next section.

Why do I need a GE Tracker?

There’s a saying, ‘Knowledge is power’. You need the GE Tracker OSRS to be able to better judge whether to “flip” an item or not. When you’re able to predict the fluctuations of the market, you’ll figure out the best time to buy and sell stuff for maximum profit.

With the Tracker, you’ll be able to get an idea of what the best items to flip are. As you play, you’ll also realize the effect of updates, buffs and nerfs to the demand of items. Sometimes, it might even devalue the item. All of these influence the market, so you have to be on top of everything to keep up your profits—and using the GE tracker is a good way to do that!

The Tracker lets you find something to flip quickly. Otherwise, it will help you decide if an item is worth flipping. It also keeps track of your profits, which is a handy way to check your progress. You may also set an alert for when prices reach a certain threshold.

You see, it takes research, dedication, and practice to become good at flipping. It’ll take some time, so be patient in learning the ins and outs of the GE OSRS.

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How do I use the GE Tracker?

Once you’ve signed up and linked your RS account to it, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. For your flipping needs, you’ll need to go to the ‘Flip Finder’ option on the left side. From there, you can choose from ‘Suggested Items’, ‘Highest Margins’, or ‘High Volume Items’. Pick the type of item that you prefer to sell.

OSRS GE Tracker

After that, you’ll just need to set up the filters for the item you want to flip, and calculate its profit margin. That’s basically the difference between the ‘sell price’ and the ‘buy price’. It’s also the profit you’ll potentially get. The ones with a high margin are your best bets for flipping. If your calculations turn out low, it’s best to choose another item to flip instead. Rinse and repeat until you find something to flip!

Get your OSRS GE Tracker Adventures Going!

Using the tool will not guarantee an instant profit. It will, however, increase your chances of getting more gold. Keep studying, researching, and practicing. You have to invest much time and effort into it, but keep at it. Don’t worry if you feel inexperienced, everybody starts out that way. Just continue learning all you can about the process. Pretty soon, you’ll have your very own vault filled with gold, you can almost swim in it.

That’s all for the basics of flipping and the OSRS GE Tracker. Get started with your journey to uncountable riches. Take the first step and check out all kinds of tools!

Enjoy the world of OSRS economics, and may your flipping business be profitable!

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