OSRS Money Making Guide

There are many ways in which OSRS money making can be done. Some, however, yield more gold than others. In addition to that, some of them are more convenient than the rest. So which way should you employ? To help you determine which method to stick with, here’s an OSRS money making guide.

Which monsters should you farm for Gold?

In any MMORPG, farming gold by killing hordes of monsters is the favorite choice. OSRS is no exception. However, there are those that are more profitable from the rest. A good example of that are Cave Horrors. Aside from the fact that they’re good sources of combat exp past level 60, they also drop Black Mask, which are worth 1.3m gold. While they only have a 1/512 drop rate, you’ll be killing lots of them while grinding anyway, so you’re not unlikely to have some.

Lizard Shamans are also a good way when it comes to money making OSRS. They drop the Dragon Warhammer, which is worth 60m gold. To take them on, however, you’ll need the following:

  • 100% Shayzien House favour
  • level 40 Prayer or above
  • Dwarf Cannon (around 750k gold)
  • level 61 ranged for Rune crossbow or level 75 for blowpipe

If you’re going for Rune Crossbows, it’s recommended to have level 55 Slayer first, as you’ll be able to use Broad Bolts. They’re cheaper than Adamant Bolts but are just as strong.

Brutal Black Dragons also continue to be a pretty solid source of OSRS gold for those that prefer to kill for it. Much like with Cave Horrors, this can be quite a good way to level up the last few levels of Raged. However, you need to have level 77 Slayer and Level 44 Player.

You also need at least the following gear:

  • Karil’s armour
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Holy Blessing
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Archer’s Ring
  • Saradomin Dragonhide Boots
  • Ava’s Assembler

By the name itself, it’s already quite telling that Demonic Gorillas are difficult to take on. However, if you can take them, then you definitely should.

What makes Demonic Gorillas difficult to slay is that much like a player, they can also cast Prayers. What’s worse is that they know what Prayer to use depending on the type of damage you use against them. They’ll use Protect From Melee and Protect From Missiles accordingly, and will switch prayers if you switch what kind of attack you do. Thankfully, they don’t immediately switch from one prayer to another, so changing up your attacks will still help.

Another thing that makes them player-life is the fact that they have the three attack styles. After three attacks from the same attack style, they will change it to another. It’s not easy to know which attack they’re doing, but Runelite will tell you that. Aside from that, there are many other reasons why you should try out Runelite, especially quality of life-related ones, but I’m digressing.

For Money Making, what about mining for gold in OSRS?

If you’re not into killing monsters, mining is one of the best ways to make gold. Of course, you won’t be mining gold itself, but lots of ores fetch quite the price.

OSRS Money Making: 1-99 Mining Guide

There are three ores are good for selling: iron, adamant, and runite ore.  The first one gives a rather meager 30,000 gold per hour, but you can start doing it as early as level 15, making it an OSRS F2P money making favorite. At later levels, you can mine iron ore even faster, which means more money!

OSRS Gold Mining and Money Making

Adamant Ore gets you a bit more money, as it gets those who mine it 110,000 gold per hour. It’s also just as easy to mine it as iron ores, making it an appealing alternative. If this is what you want to mine, you can do so in The Mining Guild and Al-Kharid.

Last, but definitely not the least, are runite ores. For them, you need to be level 85 in mining and have a Rune Pickaxe. Aside from the rather high requirements, it can only be mined from the Deep Wilderness, specifically the Lava Maze. It’s a rather difficult area to get to and dangerous to stick around in, not to mention that runite ores take some time to respawn.

Why buy OSRS Gold? Why not bonds?

OSRS Bonds in Money Making

Then there’s buying bonds. They are Jagex’s official premium item, and they can be sold in-game. They can be redeemed for membership, or used to bypass name change cooldown. As an added bonus, redeeming OSRS bonds will give you access to premium RuneScape content.

Finally, we get to the most recommended option: buying OSRS gold. By doing so, you get to skip the tedious grinding process required in other methods. This means you can save your time and effort and just spend them on the kind of content you want to do.

Question is, why buy OSRS gold if you can buy bonds instead? First off, bonds are pretty pricey, and the gold from other trading sites are still much cheaper. If you want membership from OSRS bonds, you’re better off buying gold from trading sites, which you can then use to buy OSRS bonds from other players.

Second, unlike bonds, where you only have a single source, OSRS gold is sold by a wide plethora of trading sites. Each one of them differs in the way they sell and obtain OSRS gold, so it’s up to you which ones you’ll buy from.

Making money in OSRS is a fine art. With a bit of time, patience, and practice, you the money will roll right in and you’ll be set for some awesome adventures in Gielinor!