Gold Mining OSRS

What is Gold Mining in OSRS and what is Gold Ore about?

One of the many ways to farm money for your character is gold mining. OSRS is a game that focuses on pulling resources from the terrain and crafting useful items out of it. Gold ore (OSRS version), notably, can be used to craft jewelry. These pieces of jewelry can then be enchanted to gain special properties that can’t be found in other wearable armor or clothing. However, it’s not that easy to get a hold of these ores. OSRS boasts a vast world wherein you could easily get lost if you don’t constantly check your map. We’ll show you the secret spots where you can easily mine these valuable stones as well as how you can ready yourself before trudging inside a mine.

Get a pickaxe to mine gold ore OSRS

First things first, you’ll need to acquire a pickaxe before anything else. The pickaxe is the essential tool used for OSRS gold mining. There are different types of pickaxes that you can use; low level pickaxes are generally used by players that still have a low level on Smithing while higher level ones have a greater chance of extracting ores from rocks, making them faster to mine with. Picks can’t be crafted by players and can only be purchased from three notable stores: Yarsul’s Prodigious Pickaxes, Nurmof’s Pickaxe Shop, and Pickaxe-Is-Mine.

Among all of the pickaxes to mine gold bar OSRS for, the Dragon pickaxe stands out as a crowd favorite. Besides being recommended by players, the Dragon pickaxe is the second strongest and fastest pickaxe with the first one being the 3rd Age pickaxe. While you’ll have to have level 60 on your Attack and level 61 on Mining to wield this item, they are readily available in the Grand Exchange most of the time. What makes the Dragon pickaxe so special is that it can mine ores at an increased speed and cab mine an ore a tick faster compared to that of the Rune pickaxe—this cuts the time you spend mining down by 10%.

Where can I mine gold ore in OSRS?

There are a lot of mines in OSRS; however, most of them only have two to four types of rocks that you can mine. We recommend mining at the Crafting Guild mining area and the Arzinian mine as we consider them the best place for mining gold in OSRS.

The Crafting Guild mine is a mine that is exclusive to players who can gain entry in the Crafting Guild. At first, the guild was only for the members but it was soon made available for players who had no subscription after a few months.

The Crafting Guild mine is located south of Falador and north of Rimmington.

To enter the Crafting Guild, you will need to have at least level 40 on your Crafting skill, along with donning a brown apron. The mine has seven gold rocks that you can mine, but you’ll have to smelt them at another location. If you want more information about the Crafting Guild mine, we suggest watching this video to get a glimpse of what you’ll be expecting.

RuneScape Gold Mining

Dondakan’s mine or commonly known as the Arzinian mine is located in the southwest of Keldagrim. The Arzinian mine is the second largest mine, with the Motherlode mine coming in at first. But what makes this mine so unique for gold mining OSRS is that it contains the most amounts of gold rocks out of all the mines in OSRS. Totaling over to 146 rocks, the Arzinian mine is the go-to place to get your gold fix.

Here is what the map of the mine looks like.

To be able to access the Arzinian mine, you must first complete the “Between a Rock” quest and have a gold helmet equipped to your character. Once that’s done, simply interact with Dondakan who is located near the entrance to gain permission to enter the mine.

How do I transform a gold ore into gold bar OSRS?

To make gold bars out of the gold ores that you’ve collected, you will first need to have at least a level of 40 on Smithing. Cast the gold ore into the furnace or use a Superheat item on it for it to melt. Afterward, the melted gold has cooled down, it will then automatically transform into a gold bar OSRS. Gold bars are used to create jewelry and not weapons or armor and as such would require you to use the furnace together with a proper mould to craft the specific jewelry that you want.

Gold bars are also commonly used to craft the Gold Helmets, the ones that can be used for the “Between a Rock” quest.

If you’re unsure of what materials to sell that will make you the most money (gold bar & gold ore), selling gold ores compared to gold bars is the way to go. The reason gold ore OSRS tends to sell better than gold bar OSRS is because of the flexibility that the ores give compared to bars. Gold ores can still be used to craft other kinds of weapons or useful items, while gold bars can only be used in making jewelry.

Farming may not be as fun, or even adventurous, an endeavor as killing off hordes of monsters to earn money. It doesn’t mean it’s not profitable, though! All you need is a little bit of time and patience and you’ll be able to reap some serious rewards. Gielinor has a wide expanse so there’s plenty of room to farm and make your riches in peace.