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  • Cheaper than most sites
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  • Only sells gold and Fire Cape services
  • Slow deliveries

RS Gold Bank Review

Wondering if this is the site for you? Below is our RSGoldBank review.

For a site that’s running for only 7 years, rsgoldbank seems to be a steady contender. They’ve focused on selling gold and Fire Cape services, which ensures they’re always supplying a demand.

The minimalism of OSRS and Runescape gold-selling sites, rsgoldbank offers the least amount of products and services. However, that doesn’t detract from the services they provide. They accept a variety of payment channels but are pretty limited in currency. Then again, that’s not a problem for those channels with automatic conversion. It does make the cost higher for those who use less valuable currencies. They’ve also linked an affiliate that sells Fire Cape services—although that is slightly separate from this RSGoldBank review we have prepared. That’s where you let someone take over your account to complete the mini-game that rewards the cape.

If you want a different amount of gold, you may make use of the very first section to set an amount. It’s a good thing when you need more than what is offered. Who will deliver your gold is a bit of a grab bag as well. You might get processed quickly and get your gold as fast. Other times, you’ll be waiting quite a while for processing.

A simple and easy-to-understand site, rsgoldbank is a very convenient site to buy gold. However, user experience may vary. It’s sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and agents may not always be online. It’s not the best site, but will do for those who are hurrying or short on cash.


Is RSGoldBank legit?

RSGoldBank offers little in terms of product variety, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t legit. Quite so, in fact—they’re being legit comes from the fact that they’ve chosen to offer only what they can. This is also evident in their attempt to outsource Fire Cape services (this requires logging in the buyer’s account) to an affiliate, instead of attempting to carry the service but falling short on it. RSGoldBank is as legit as they come.


Is RSGoldBank safe and secure?

It is! Though a word of caution: Fire Cape services are outsourced. If you want that service, be warned that somebody else is completing that for you. They are vouched for by RSGoldBank, but ultimately, our recommendation here is for RSGoldBank alone.


Hopefully, our RSGoldBank review helps you consider if the site is a good fit for your needs. For more OSRS trading site reviews, check out the rest of our site.

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    Always been trustworthy. Buying/Selling this is the site is easy. Everything was pretty fast.

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