• Safe and secure
  • Huge user base
  • Lots of sellers
  • bonus on bulk buying


  • Very strict payment process
  • Payment verification delays

Is PlayerAuctions the best OSRS Gold Site? 

Summing up a brand in a few words is no easy feat, but if there’s a way to do so that perfectly encapsulates PlayerAuctions, it’s this: PlayerAuctions is a place for gamers, of gamers, and by gamers. With sites that sell OSRS gold being a dime a dozen, you certainly have to be head and shoulders above the competition to be considered the best OSRS gold site.


So, is PlayerAuctions the best? We’ll give you our ten cents (and then some) and let you decide. After all, it’s ultimately your choice and we’re just here to guide you in this PlayerAuctions review.


PlayerAuctions – The best of the best for OSRS Gold?

The path to the top is not an easy one. But what’s even harder is staying on top once you get there. With two decades of experience in the in-game trading business, it’s safe to say that PlayerAuctions has the trust of the gaming public—a trust that’s not easy to earn.


PlayerAuctions’ Path to the Top

PlayerAuctions started way back in 1999. A group of friends in the US with an inherent love for games like Everquest, Ultima Online, and other such popular titles, realized that no one provided escrow services for in-game trading. Back then, you were always in danger falling prey to shady characters in your online dealings. They often encountered difficulties in their online dealings because there weren’t any set trading guidelines. As such, they took matters in their own hands. The seed for PlayerAuctions had been planted and the rest, as they say, is history! PlayerAuctions has since grown into a tight-knit community with both buyers and sellers coming from all over the world!

playerauctions best site to buy osrs gold


What makes PlayerAuctions the best site to buy and sell OSRS gold?

What indeed? Let us count the ways. PlayerAuctions has the depth, breadth and height to attain the heights that in-game trading can reach! But seriously, if we’re to base it off prominence in the business alone, its plain to see that PlayerAuctions is clearly ahead of the pack—the crème de la crème! The sheer volume of transactions they accommodate on a daily basis speaks for itself. PlayerAuctions even has handy tips for faster sales. But to further simplify things, let’s look at how well they do in three key aspects of game trading: buying, selling, and other services.


Buying and Selling through PlayerAuctions

Unlike other sites that either have their own gold and item farmers and pilots/power-levelers or buy in-game assets en masse from players, PlayerAuctions gives buyers and sellers a reliable platform where they can safely trade cheap OSRS gold, items, accounts, and even power leveling services. Aside from the fact that it gives buyers more options, you can rest assured that the gold and items you get, as well as the levels you earn, didn’t come from overworked farmers.

Another huge defining feature that PlayerAuctions has is security. To ensure this, in its free market, buyers in PlayerAuctions can see the onsite reputation of those who sell OSRS gold via their platform. In addition to that, select sellers are given the PowerSeller status, which means they’re one of the most profitable and reliable sellers, which means they’re best and safest to transact with. On top of it all, they have an infallible PlayerGuardian System (we explain that in detail below in this PlayerAuctions review), which holds both in-game assets and player payments in escrow until the buyer confirms that he or she has received the asset in question and that the transaction was a success.


Other services PlayerAuctions offers

As far as versatility goes, PlayerAuctions certainly has it locked down. They run the gamut in terms of services offered to clients. This ranges from the buying and selling of accounts to in-game gold, items, and even power leveling services. Now for the games they offer. Hold onto your horses because it’s a mammoth of a list. They’ve got everything from the latest games such as Risk of Rain 2 to the most popular games such as Fortnite and even long-established games like OSRS. Heck, they even have niche games for the hipster gamers out there. PlayerAuctions is gamer-centric and we love them for it!


The Downsides of PlayerAuctions

From what we’ve observed, PlayerAuctions has a rather sizeable following. While that is generally a good thing, it may mean that you’ll get stiff competition as there will be plenty of buyers vying for the offers you may fancy. Of course, you can negate this by being quick on the trigger whenever you see lucrative OSRS gold for sale offers.


Is PlayerAuctions Legit?

Based on our findings as well as the numerous reviews from satisfied customers from all over the globe, PlayerAuctions is as legit as you can possibly get. The mere fact that they’ve been operating since 1999 and have flourished in the business of putting up OSRS gold for sale says volumes about their dedication to their craft.


Will I get Scammed on PlayerAuctions?

The internet is rife with all manner of scammers. The fact of the matter is this: There’s always the possibility, however slight, that you may get scammed anywhere. PlayerAuctions steps up to the plate in this regard with their security—which we will further expound next.

playerauctions 2


Is PlayerAuctions a Safe Place to Buy OSRS Gold? 

Ah, the million-dollar question! Just how safe will your transactions be? Well, you can rest easy on that score as customer security is the foremost priority at PlayerAuctions. The characteristic that defines this trading site the most is the system they call PlayerGuardian. You may think of it as an escrow system that ensures that buyers receive what they order; sellers are only paid once buyers make the confirmation. But what about the other side of the fence, you say? Well, the seller is in turn given a chance at this security by asking buyers for proof in case they try to make a complaint that the order is incomplete or incorrect.

The PlayerGuardian system is handled by real people, so they can review any complaints being made by both parties. While this is one of the best things about PlayerAuctions, the fact of the matter is you really don’t need it since sellers on the site are some of the best we’ve transacted with. Still, it’s a comforting thought to know that it’s there if you need it while hunting for cheap OSRS gold.



PlayerAuctions is a premier site where hardcore Old School RuneScape fans can get their fair share of OSRS gold and then some. It’s also a worthy platform if you happen to be on the other side of the equation and are looking to sell OSRS gold or offload other similar resources. Overall, the safety features they employ should be enough reason to consider their services. They have a top-notch reputation and a deep well of experience to draw from. But what do you think? Does this PlayerAuctions review tell you if this is the trading site for you?

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4 thoughts on “PlayerAuctions

  1. Rating


    Used it a couple of times – had some payment problems which was just for security reasons they said – had to verify me which was annoying but works fine again since then.

  2. Rating


    Great site! Verification may be a bit slow, but that only shows how serious they are about security. Will be buying from here again.

  3. Rating


    Repeat Buy/Sell Customer
    Honestly, I was a bit worried about buying OSRS gold here at Playerauctions at first but my fears were unfounded! 5 star service and I have used it multiple times! Rockstars, helpful staff & very fast dispatch. Very satisfied!

  4. Rating


    I’m gonna go ahead and say that verification with them can be a major pain. Luckily it only happens once and your orders are good from there on. Best thing with them? All the OG and veteran sellers are with them and the prices are always the cheapest, they give extra and can arrange special deals with you. Them being the longest is what probably fuels this. If you can get past the payment process then you’re gold with Playerauctions. Still the frickin best in this industry.

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