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PlayerAuctions Review

PlayerAuctions is pretty unique compared to a lot of third-party online game trading sites out there, and that’s a great thing. One of the things that set it apart would be the fact that it’s a player-to-player trading market.

We get down to the nitty gritty with our PlayerAuctions review

Unlike other sites that either have their own gold and item farmers and pilots/power-levelers or buy in-game assets en masse from players, PlayerAuctions simply gives buyers and sellers a platform where they can trade. Aside from the fact that it gives buyers more options, you can rest assured that the gold and items you get, as well as the levels you earn, didn’t come from overworked farmers.

Another huge defining feature PlayAuctions has is security. To ensure that in its free market, buyers in PlayerAuctions can see sellers’ onsite reputation. In addition to that, select sellers are given the PowerSeller status, which means they’re one of the most profitable and reliable sellers, which means they’re best and safest to transact with. On top of it all, they have the PlayerGuardian System (we explain that in detail below in this PlayerAuctions review), which holds both in-game assets and player payments in escrow until the buyer confirms that he or she has received the asset in question.

Is PlayerAuctions legit?

PlayerAuctions is absolutely legit. On trading forums, we’ve received remarks that they have been operating since the early 2000s. Unfortunately, some of us in Only4RS aren’t that old yet so we can’t confirm, but we’ve been able to confirm in our research that this is the case and even without that starting date, there seems to be a lot of veteran users on the site who have been selling for about 10+ years now. That fact alone makes them absolutely legit.

Is PlayerAuctions safe and secure?

The defining characteristic of the PlayerAuctions’ safety is the system they call PlayerGuardian. This is an escrow system that ensures the buyer has already gotten what he/she has ordered, and once confirmation is made, that’s the time the seller is paid. The seller in turn is given a chance at this security by asking buyers for proof in case they try to make a complaint that the order is incomplete or incorrect. The PlayerGuardian is also handled by real people, so they can review any complaints being made by both parties. We’ve tried this and one of the best things about PlayerAuctions is that you really don’t need this, since sellers on the site are some of the best we’ve transacted with. Still, it’s there if you need it.

Does this PlayerAuctions review tell you if this is the trading site for you? Feel free to check out other reviews we have made here in Only4RS.

3 thoughts on “PlayerAuctions

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    Used it a couple of times – had some payment problems which was just for security reasons they said – had to verify me which was annoying but works fine again since then.

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    Great site! Verification may be a bit slow, but that only shows how serious they are about security. Will be buying from here again.

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    Repeat Buy/Sell Customer
    Honestly, I was a bit worried about buying OSRS gold here at Playerauctions at first but my fears were unfounded! 5 star service and I have used it multiple times! Rockstars, helpful staff & very fast dispatch. Very satisfied!

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