• Has 24/7 Live Customer Support
  • Low rates for OSRS and RS Gold
  • Accurate Delivery Time Tracking


  • Few payment modes compared to other buy & sell websites
  • Has no instructions on how to sell
  • Small selection of products being offered

Eldorado: Continuing the search for the best OSRS gold site

In the olden days of the Spanish Empire, there was talk of a legendary city of gold. This city was known as El Dorado—the stuff of legends. Eldorado are attempting to rekindle images of that city of gold when you trade through their site. But are they really fit to be comparing themselves to such a legendary tale? 

Is Eldorado.gg the best OSRS gold site? Can you buy OSRS gold safe and secure here? Read on to find out. We tried their service, and here’s our comprehensive Eldorado.gg review to help you decide if they’re the site for you.

Is Eldorado the best OSRS gold site?

With the amount of competition out there, it’s hard to say. Eldorado could best be described as a “growing marketplace”. If you want to find a buy and sell website that offers the low rates of OSRS and RS 2003 gold, then this may very well be the place to get it. With a very much affordable rate of $0.775 / 1m for OSRS gold and $0.173 / 1m for RS 2003 gold, you can probably get your money’s worth if you’re willing to search for the right offer.

Eldorado best site for runescape gold trading


How does Eldorado separate itself from the competition?

Also, Eldorado puts a premium on quality customer service. If you have any further inquiries regarding how to buy gold, the customer support will gladly help you out. If you’re unsure of whom to get OSRS/RS 2003 gold from, you can simply browse through their buying page and see the feedback scores of the sellers and the number of orders that they’ve completed, which is a nice touch. Another detail that’s very much helpful is that you can see the sellers’ stock of gold that they have available on-hand—this is perhaps our best Eldorado.gg review finding.  So, for example, if you’re planning to buy 300M of OSRS gold but the seller that you’re planning to transact with only has 100M OSRS gold, you can choose another seller instead that will accommodate your needs. You can follow many an OSRS f2p money making guide, but the best and quickest way to accumulate gold is simply through buying it from places like Eldorado.

What about the downsides of Eldorado?

The only negative aspect that we saw that may turn people off from transacting with Eldorado is that they only have a few payment modes—only three for that matter. Sure, you can buy OSRS gold safe here, but compared to other starting marketplaces, Eldorado falls short as it only offers VISA, Master Card, and G2A Pay as their payment modes whereas most websites have more than five.

Is Eldorado.gg legit?

Eldorado seems to be legit. One of their most prominent features, aside from giving customers the ability to buy OSRS gold safe, is being able to see the current stock a seller has. This helps heaps in assessing how much you need, how much you plan to buy, and if you need to select one dedicated seller or select several at once. This makes buying from Eldorado a unique and versatile experience. 

Is Eldorado.gg safe and secure?

Buying from Eldorado is safe and secure, as far as we can tell. Their options for payment may lack in variety, but it makes up for the fact that security is concentrated only on the available options, and it could have been due to the fact that Eldorado prefers to monitor only the ones available—as opposed to having so many options, but so many security considerations to make at once when customers attempt to buy OSRS gold safe. 

What else does Eldorado offer?

Eldorado the best site to buy osrs gold

Aside from OSRS, Eldorado caters to fans of various other games.

If they want to remain in contention to be the best OSRS gold site, Eldorado cannot afford to be a mere one-trick pony. In fact, aside from offering customers with a bounty of OSRS and RS3 gold, they also offer currency, items, accounts, and boosting services for a wide variety of other games. Other titles include Path of Exile, WoW Classic, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Escape from Tarkov, Wolcen, Temtem, and many more! In fact, since the people at Eldorado are avid gamers themselves, they try to keep an eye on gaming trends and update the titles they offer.


All in all, we’d say that Eldorado is definitely in contention as one of the best OSRS gold sites out there. What they may lack in terms of payment option diversity, they make up for in the diversity of the services they offer. 

They may not be quite as legendary as the lost city of Eldorado, but they’re certainly doing a pretty good job providing buyers with a place to buy OSRS gold safe.

Was our Eldorado.gg review helpful with your buy and sell considerations? Make sure to check out the rest of the website for other OSRS trading site reviews.

13 thoughts on “Eldorado

  1. Price


    cheap and ez gold. had a bit of problem with paying, but is all good. just one problem tho
    HOW THE HELL DO U EVEN SELL ON DIS SITE? can’t find any how to’s anywhere

  2. Price


    Difficult payment process but I really like the support staff really helpful so for that I give them 4 stars

  3. Price


    they scammed me terrible website, never received my order. rather go to RPGstach again.

  4. Price


    It says cheapest prices but this is not true. Delivery time is also not true. Says 20 mins guaranteed but mine took 1 hr. Normally that should be ok but a promise is a promise. May not buy here anymore.

  5. Price


    This company has been nothing but sneaky sneaky little scammers. I just started playing this game called RuneScape — I came upon this company when I tried to purchase virtual currency thru. I noticed that the pricing were too good too be true but I went ahead and bought some anyways. WELL. here is how that went (attached the images in a weblink below)

    – When i went to purchase gold for my OSRS account i was prompted to enter my character name and how much i wanted.

    – I went to check out. I had just enough money in my account to get what i needed and be happy since i just paid all my bills off and wanted to spoil myself in this COVID19 crisis.

    – I went and checked out — my card declines.. hmm weird… I had the cash, whatever i thought it was a sign from God that I don’t need to spend money on this, so i continued with my day

    – 5 minutes later, i get 4 notifcations from my bank account saying Eldorado has charged me FOUR different times!!!! That put me $21 overdraft! So then i got hit with a overdraft fee of $30!!!

    – I contacted them for a refund / credit to help me out with the overdraft fee or a refund to get my money back and they basically blew me off and said it was my fault and I can’t get my money back.

    -When asked for the chat transcript he said i couldnt have it, so i had to screenshot every little bit.

    But as of right now, save your money and don’t get scammed!

    Screenshots attached, delete the spaces. They wont let me add a website on here so delete the spaces and you’ll can see picture proof of this incident..

    https://ibb. co/HPdfJMY

  6. Price


    bought last week – huge hustle would not recommend – some of the reviews here seem fake or I was just unlucky. Will try another Site.

  7. Price


    legit but lacking in options and discounts for bulk orders. hit or miss when it comes to that.

  8. Price


    I love this site but it could use improvement like to make ppl know who delivers best

  9. Price


    I was attempting to purchase in-game currency for a game via USD. Eldorado acts as a middle man between players and sellers in
    order to facilitate trades. They have an account balance that acts as a bank account for trades to happen and I added to my
    balance using Ethereum as it appeared to be the easiest for me. I was unable to complete my purchase as all of the sellers on the
    site were unable to complete my request. I then asked for my account balance to be refunded to me either back to my crypto
    accounts or via a refund to my debit card. I was refused both for ridiculous reasons such as the price fluctuation of bitcoin, however
    a card would have been fine to have the refund remitted to. The company still refused. The only way I was able to get a fraction of
    my money back was to make a listing on the site for $10 and purchase it myself in order to allow myself to withdraw my money. In
    the end I sent them $175+$10 and will receive back approximately $175 back as they have taken the other $5 hostage as a fee for
    selling and transferring the money out of my account. I understand that this isn’t a large loss, however the amount of loss would be
    much larger had the amount added to the account initially was much more. They charge a 5% seller fee which was deducted and
    then ~$9 to transfer $184.50 (gross, fees have not been remove from this number except the 5% seller fee) in bitcoin out of the

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