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  • Contact details are readily accessible
  • Easy chat support is prominently shown
  • Detailed buying and selling processes


  • Service fee a bit high
  • Lacks tools for buyers to see variable pricing

Easy RSGP Review

Easy RSGP provides easy transactions for both buyers and sellers.

The site itself navigates well and you’ll find that trading RS gold is as easy as can be. Should you get confused about their process, their chat support is readily accessible to help you out. But since their buying and selling schemes are well-detailed, chances are you won’t really need much help.

The downside, however, is that being too accessible can also lead to potential security issues and disputes between buyers and sellers. Having a no-ID verification policy is a two-edged sword that scammers may be able to take advantage of. Also, unlike other sites that offer pricing tools for reference, you’ll find that EasyRSGP is lacking in this department.

Is EasyRSGP legit?

The services are legit as far as commitment is concerned. The site is earnest in their desire to provide RS gold, but their lack of any identification processing could create loopholes in the system (we explain that below).

Is EasyRSGP safe and secure?

The biggest contributing factor (or non-contributing factor, that is) is their lack of any ID verification. This means payments made on the site run the risk of being from illicit/illegal sources, and as a seller, this affects you as payments can be charged back, confiscated, or voided at any time. This could lead to loss of your sales, so be warned.

Does our EasyRSGP review answer your questions about their services? You can browse our site for more OSRS trading sites reviews.

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    Amazing. Friendly customer service. Can’t say enough about these guys, I recommend RSgold Bank!

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