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  • Contact details are readily accessible
  • Easy chat support is prominently shown
  • Detailed buying and selling processes


  • Service fee a bit high
  • Lacks tools for buyers to see variable pricing

EasyRSGP: The Easiest Place to Buy OSRS Gold

If there’s one sentence that can sum up EasyRSGP, it’s that they provide easy transactions for both buyers and sellers. That’s why it’s in their name! Though there’s not much info about their company’s roots to go around on their site, it’s a fact that can be ignored simply because of the ease of transaction that they offer potential customers. So let’s delve deeper and see if this site is a good place to buy cheap OSRS gold or not.

Why should I buy OSRS Gold from EasyRSGP?

For one thing, EasyRSGP provides a quick way for buyers to buy cheap OSRS gold. This way, they can go back to the thing that matters most: playing OSRS. You go right in, and you head on out with a handful of gold. As for sellers, they instantly get access to a steady stream of potential customers so they can offload their extra in-game gold for real-life cash. Can you hear the cash register already?

EasyRSGP no id proof

EasyRSGP doesn’t require ID verification from their customers. This can be seen as a two-edged sword as it can be both positive (fast transactions) and negative (potential security risks).

Is the site as easy to navigate as it seems?

The EasyRSGP site itself navigates well and you’ll find that trading RS gold is as easy as can be. Should you get confused about their process, you can jump directly to their chat support as it is readily accessible to help you out. But since their buying and selling schemes are well-detailed, chances are you won’t really need much help—if any at all whenever you attempt to buy cheap OSRS gold.

EasyRSGP 2

All that stands between you and cheap OSRS gold are a few easy steps!

The downside, however, is that being too accessible can also lead to potential security issues and disputes between buyers and sellers. Having a no-ID verification policy is a two-edged sword that scammers may be able to take advantage of, so be wary! Also, unlike other sites that offer pricing tools for reference, you’ll find that EasyRSGP is lacking in this department. Pro tip: You can always find a dependable OSRS GE tracker with a quick Google search.

Is EasyRSGP a legit place to buy OSRS Gold?

Simply put, yes. The services of EasyRSGP are legit as far as commitment is concerned. The site is earnest in their desire to provide RS gold for those looking to buy cheap OSRS gold, but their lack of any identification processing could create veritable loopholes in the system (we explain that below). It’s almost like a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Is EasyRSGP a safe and secure place to buy OSRS Gold?

The biggest contributing factor (or non-contributing factor, that is) is their lack of any ID verification. This means payments made on the site run the risk of being from illicit/illegal sources, and as a seller, this affects you as payments can be charged back, confiscated, or voided at any time. This could lead to loss of your sales, so be warned.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Perhaps. It’s really up to you if you think that a fast transaction when you buy cheap OSRS gold is worth the risk so you can go back to playing OSRS. As we’ve previously, stated, the lack of security is a potential timebomb that could go off in your face if you’re not careful.  We’d suggest that you take precautions by yourself since it isn’t readily accessible on the site itself. Also, the lack of tools that could help you make sound decisions is a glaring omission on their part. Both buyers and sellers could have benefitted greatly from such tools.

EasyRSGP 3

EasyRSGP offers clients a host of payment options to choose from.

On the other side of the fence, though, EasyRSGP provides its clients with a plethora of payment options. These options include Sofot Banking, PaySafeCard, KBC, iDeal, Bitcoin,  Belfius, Bancontact Mister Cash, PayPal, and the usual credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Fast and easy or safe and secure? It’s really up to you to decide which to prioritize. No site is perfect and it’s all a matter of understanding where your priorities lie and knowing how to weigh the pros and cons to arrive at a sound decision.

Does our EasyRSGP review answer your questions about their services? You can browse our site for more OSRS trading site reviews.

4 thoughts on “Easy RSGP

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    Amazing. Friendly customer service. Can’t say enough about these guys, I recommend RSgold Bank!

  2. Price


    Fast payment that needs no ID but support is not actually live and takes a while

  3. Price


    Legit and I like that you go through a live rep to get the order done, makes questions and concerns real time. A little worried that their security is loose when it comes to checks, as a seller I can just sign up right? But prolly not my problem anymore.

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