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Bogla Gold Review

What makes Bogla Gold different from other third-party sites is that it feels like a private server for WoW.  So, is Bogla Gold’s service as good as its medieval illustrations? For that, check out our Bogla Gold Review!

Bogla started when two brothers played RuneScape together. By racking up 200m gold in the game, they had the idea to flip their in-game money for real cash. Slowly but surely, their small business steadily built up a sizeable clientele. From then on, they decided to take their business and make a website out of it. And thus, Bogla Gold was born! Since then, Bogla Gold has been known to be a reputable website for anything related to OSRS and RS3. Their motto is “No customer left behind” and they take pride in providing the best experience when it comes to buying and selling gold on their website. 

Compared to other marketplaces, Bogla Gold has over 30 different modes of payment for buyers that want to purchase RS gold as opposed to the others that only have five or so. The variety is advantageous since they offer niche methods that are specific to other countries. While most people use PayPal, credit card, or debit card and their payment method, it doesn’t hurt to implement the other ways as well. Thanks to this, other buyers or sellers won’t feel left out just because they don’t have access to the main payment modes.

Bogla Gold also has six types of currency that you can pick from. However, we would like to see other types of currency from Asia since they only have currencies from the USA and other Western countries.

Services Offered 

Aside from buying and selling in-game gold for WoW Classic and both Runescapes, they also sell memberships.

They also have gold swapping, where instead of buying OSRS or RuneScape gold with real money, you can exchange OSRS gold for RS3 gold and vice versa. This can also be used by those that wish to transfer server, as well as those that farm in one game but want to earn in another.

Also, other than gold, they sell Fire Cape services for both servers. These are custom fire capes, so you’ll have to give out your account info and have them obtain the fire cape on your behalf.

Lastly, the game has a Power Leveling page. With this, players can choose the skills that Bogla Gold will grind on their behalf. Below the skill selection, there’s a calculator where the total cost of the power leveling can be computed. Currently, however, this particular service says “Unable to Load Product”. 

Bogla Gold sells different types of RuneScape accounts as well and range from Skiller to Deadman accounts. 

If you’re looking for something different, Bogla also offers WoW Classic gold for buyers with three different receiving methods to choose from: face to face, through the auction house, or they’ll just send it to your mailbox in-game.

Is Bogla Safe to Transact With? 

With over 1,610 reviews, Bogla has a 97% 5-star rating on Trustpilot and has an overall score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Needless to say, they’re as safe as you can get and we think that they should at least be on your top 5 list of sites to buy OSRS/RS gold from.

Is Bogla Gold Legit?

Bogla Gold is one of the largest gold selling websites for OSRS/RS players, so you don’t need to worry about getting scammed. However, we’re not entirely sure if Bogla Gold is still fit to operate as there have been recent reports of people getting banned after giving their gold to the website. If you know other marketplaces for OSRS and RS gold, we think that it’d better if you stick to those places for now as 1-star reviews are slowly flooding their Trustpilot profile.

We hope our Bogla Gold review has somewhat helped you in making a sound decision regarding where you should buy or sell your RuneScape gold!

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    Weird name bt service was ok. Wish i got my gold faster but i guess what matters is i got it in the end anyway right? thanks for the fire cape haha!

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