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  • live chat in 4 languages
  • Supports Multiple Currency
  • Quest Helper


  • Reviews lack credibility
  • Expensive than competitors

An honest 4RSGold review: Is this the best place to buy OSRS gold?

4RSGold is a website that is dedicated to selling RuneScape gold and OSRS jewelry. But what makes this marketplace unique compared to others? Are they good enough to legitimately stake a claim at being the best place to buy OSRS gold? Find out as we talk more about 4RSGold Review down below.

Is 4RSGold the best place to buy OSRS Gold?

They may very well be one of the best. But we’ll leave that up to you to decide. One of the great things about 4RSGold is that their live chat is flexible for European buyers. Their live chat is open 24/7 and can communicate with you in four different languages (English, Deutsch, Espanol, & Francais)! What’s more, you can also buy cheap OSRS gold and RS3 gold here so you won’t have to find another marketplace. 4RSGold also saves you the hassle of possibly dealing with scammers or hackers that disguise themselves on the as sellers, as everything website is handled by them and them alone. Besides the fact that you know exactly who you’re dealing with, 4RSGold is a reputable seller of everything RuneScape related. This can be easily seen in their rating, as they have a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on 2,706 of their ratings in their bid to be the best place to buy OSRS gold over the past six months. Although we’re a bit skeptical if this is really the case as the comments on their Guest Book (the place where you can leave messages or ratings for the website) can be easily botched since anyone can leave a message, regardless of whether or not you’ve bought from them.

4rsgold livechat

The 24/7 live chat from 4RSGold allows you to get your OSRS gold fix at any time of the day.

What else does the best place to buy OSRS gold have to offer?

Besides the ability to buy cheap OSRS gold and R3 Gold, you can also buy RuneScape accounts, Deadman Seasonal gold, Fire Capes, and a plethora of different items. 4RSGold also offers power leveling and boosting services—which is impressive for a website that is wholly operated by its employees. You also get to have access to their Quick Buy section, where you can immediately get the amount of gold that you want and check out in just a few minutes. Now that’s a fast way to get OSRS jewelry and gold!

How many currencies does 4RSGold use?

4RSGold doesn’t just use USD as its currency for you to buy cheap OSRS gold. You can also purchase their wares either in Pound Sterling, CAD, AUD, or Euros. Even though USD is usually the standard currency that everyone uses to purchase anything online (unless you’re buying locally of course), the options are there if you need them which is nice if they really want a legitimate claim as the best place to buy OSRS gold. And did we mention that they also have instant deliveries here? That’s right! Once you purchase the gold, you’ll easily receive it in less than 10 minutes. This is the estimated time of when you’d receive your order as per the 98.13% of orders that are processed. If you’re buying items, accounts, or availing power leveling services, you’ll need to go to their 24/7 Live Chat to send your account and password.

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4RSGold Quest Helper

One thing that’s unique to 4RSGold compared to other sites where you can buy cheap OSRS gold is its OSRS Quest Helper. To give you a short explanation of what this is, it’s basically where you can ask for help from the representatives of 4RSGold to complete a certain quest or dungeon. Each quest has a different price tag, so depending on the difficulty, chances are it will affect the price. Once you’ve added the assistance of your choice, simply give your account username and password through their Live Chat and let them do the work for you! This is a great addition to the website as it’s perfect for players who just want help on a certain mission and don’t want to spend too much on boosting services.

4rsgold quest helper

The Quest Helper is a nifty feature from 4RSGold where players can get aid to finish quests.

Is 4RSGold Safe and Secure?

4RSGold is tops when it comes to safety. To be the best place to buy OSRS gold, you have to be safe. Despite their interface looking a bit rough around the edges, they offer a secure haven for buyers to get their fix on anything RuneScape/OSRS related. Their Live Chat that offers 24/7 service can accommodate any questions or inquiries that you might have, so if you have any further remarks about their Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions, you can just ask away there.

Is 4RSGold Legit?

4RSGold is as legit as it gets. As said by the positive comments of the thousands of buyers in the Guest Book who attest that this is the best place to buy OSRS gold, everything is fast, easy, and safe. You won’t have to worry about getting scammed of OSRS jewelry or not being able to receive your order, as pretty much everyone who does a 4RSGold review does so with a smile.


4RSGold is a ‘round-the-clock online shop where you can get your OSRS and RS3 gold fix for cheap. They’ve got foolproof security to put your mind at ease. The diversity of the services they offer may be the most prominent feature they have. As such, they may very well be the best place to buy OSRS gold on the net.

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    Quest helper was neato! Not proud that I had sum1 else play my game for me but it works. Sue me! 😉

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